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Design Tools

Design Tools


TRACE® 3D Plus is a next generation building design and analysis software program that delivers faster, more accurate results through a seamless workflow that closely aligns with today's building process. The latest HVAC systems and controls can be modeled quickly, precisely and with the intricacies of today's many building applications. TRACE 3D Plus is built on the U.S. Department of Energy's EnergyPlus engine and enhanced with Trane's industry leading expertise to help designers validate and interpret projects with confidence and clarity. All of these new features plus a more robust support experience to get you up and running quickly. 

TRACE 3D Plus allows you to move from project plan to load design to energy and economic analysis all through the same project file and interface. Import 3D models directly from CAD using Green Building XML (gbXML), or import floor plans and trace over using the draw tools. Easily create and validate your architectural design and HVAC systems in 2D or 3D. 

Trane® Design Assist™

The web application that delivers project-ready Building Automation Control designs and documentation

  • Design
    Create comprehensive Building Automation Control Systems using industry proven standards.

  • Collaborate
    Share project information with other stakeholders, colleagues and trusted advisors.

  • Export
    Download project documents for use in plans & specifications in multiple file formats.

TRACE™ 700

As a systems and services provider, we understand the challenges of designing the most efficient, lowest cost HVAC system solution. That’s why we developed Trane Air Conditioning Economics, or TRACE™—an award-winning design-and-analysis software program that helps HVAC professionals optimize the design of a building’s heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system based on energy utilization and life-cycle cost.

TRACE 700 helps you compare the energy and economic impact of building-related selections such as:

  • architectural features
  • HVAC systems
  • HVAC equipment
  • building utilization or scheduling
  • financial options.  

TRACE™ 700 Load Design and TRACE™ 700 Load Express are integrated within the tool.


Because every situation is unique, the myPLV chiller performance evaluation tool offers a quick and simple option for chiller economic comparisons.    

The customized myPLV value is calculated based on your individual criteria, reflecting specific chiller installation location, building purpose and chiller plant design. Because it considers all of these factors, myPLV is the best way to accurately predict future chiller performance. 

VariTrane Duct Designer

VariTrane Duct Designer streamlines duct design and improves calculation precision, letting you optimize your designs while obtaining a minimum pressure system. VariTrane Duct Designer enables you to organize the layout structure of your duct system and provides detailed engineering information on a section-by-section basis making revisions and updates easier.

The software is based on engineering data and procedures outlined in the ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook. It includes tested data from ASHRAE Fitting database and from United McGill to provide the most accurate modeling possible.


  • Improves calculation precision
  • Organizes and optimizes designs
  • Updates and revisions made simple

Trane Pipe Designer

The Trane Pipe Designer streamlines the pipe design process. Use the program to determine required pipe sizes, find the critical path for proper pump sizing, and calculate pressure drops through valves/fittings or from elevation changes.

Trane Pipe Designer helps you:

  • Model new piping designs
  • Evaluate existing piping systems
  • Incorporate a combination of old and new layouts
  • Examine open and closed systems
  • Create a complete bill of materials

Trane Acoustics Program

Acoustic levels can be a key element of high performance indoor environment quality, and they are often difficult to determine. Trane Acoustical Program analysis software makes it easy to:

  • Accurately predict and compare system sound levels
  • Quickly compare the sound characteristics of several system alternatives

Trane Acoustical Program is updated to incorporate changes made by ASHRAE. As a result, Trane Acoustical Program is an excellent tool for predicting background sound levels from HVAC equipment.  The program can be used to meet LEED® for Schools EQ Prerequisite 3 and EQ Credit 9.

Trane Engineer's Toolbox

Engineering Toolbox provides nine calculation tools to simplify HVAC design and service tasks. The latest version of the Engineering Toolbox is an intuitive redesign that provides a consolidated input and output view, an advanced report generation method for comparing multiple datasets and additional refrigerant and fluid types


  • Design and service tasks made easy
  • Compares multiple items simultaneously
  • Easy to read input and output view

Additional Tools